Influence Business Reputation Management Via Independent Reviews

Most businesses can positively influence the reputation of their brands by encouraging customers to post reviews on independent review sites. Marketing studies show that most customers will not initiate a review, but will write one if prompted. So, invite customers to write reviews and provide them a link to an independent site. These sites offer a variety of services to businesses.

What Makes the Sites Independent?

An independent review site means the company cannot censor, delete, or revise reviews left by customers. That aspect makes customers researching companies more likely to trust the reviews. Companies that invite satisfied customers to write reviews can influence the overall rating for the company. That does not mean there will be zero unfavorable reviews, it just means the positive ones may outnumber them.

Customers who write reviews of Boss Laser, for example, will all be included under the heading of Boss Laser Reviews. If customers with positive experiences are not invited to leave a review, the only ones on that site may will be left by those who were not happy with the product or service. What happens in those cases is that people seeking a Boss Laser cutter review may only find negative ones.

How to Influence Reviews

Companies can open accounts with independent review sites at varying degrees. A free account allows the company to see reviews and respond to them if they so desire. That lets them know what is available online regarding the company. It also allows companies the opportunity to leave a response, offer a resolution, or explain the policy for potential customers to read along with the review.

Paid accounts are also offered at two or three price points. The basic level of paid services from the independent site allows the company to showcase reviews on their own websites. This helps boost the return on the investment in marketing. Higher levels may provide customized tools to improve sales, data protection, or more integration tools.

Honest Promotion

That excellent Boss Laser review on the independent website can be transferred to the company website, highlighted in marketing campaigns, and used to entice like-minded customers to leave their own review on that independent site. Boss Laser is not manipulating original reviews, the company is simply making sure the company is represented realistically on different sites.

The goal is not to mislead potential customers, it is to provide a well-rounded picture of products and company customer services. If a product is not a wonderful value, or does not perform to expectation, the unfavorable reviews will definitely outnumber the positive ones. The idea is to prevent one or two inaccurate reviews from ruining the reputation of the company.


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